학습자 분석과 스마트 교육

  흔히 스마트 교육하면 스마트 기기나 앱을 떠올리는 경우가 많다. 스마트 교육의 초기에 스마트 폰이나 태블릿에 대한 호기심이나 앱에 대한 관심 때문에 생긴 결과이다.물론 이것이 잘못된 것은 전혀 아니나 스마트교육에 대한 방향 정립에서 아쉬움을 남기고 있다. 지금은 스마트교육에 대한 관심이 학습플랫폼과 학습자 분석으로 넘어와야 한다. 대표적인 학습 플랫폼으로 학습관리시스템(Learning Management System)이 있다. Moodle을 대표로 하는 LMS는 다양한 학습활동(말하기, 쓰기, 읽기, ... Read More »

Looc (Little Open Online Course) Certificate Issued by Me

   I have been giving lectures and offering training courses to parents for 3 months. Now I’m issuing certificates to the parents. They are delighted to have those certificates. They really appreciate what they have learned during 2 days’ learning experience. Currently my course is Looc but someday I will open to the mass. It will be turned into Mooc!(Massive ... Read More »

Making a personalized online course – Gooru + Eliademy

  If you visit Gooru, you might be alarmed to find its teaching and learning platform designed for personalized learning. Korea has its own Cyber Home School system. But it’s far from individualized teaching and learning which is suited for students’ level and interest.  You can assign each section item of courses to individual students through Gooru. You can copy ... Read More »

My Own Looc (Little Open Online Course)

  I’m making a Looc course, in Eliademy. It’s great and motivating. My first Looc course is for a group of students who study in a foreign language high school in Seoungnam, Kyounggi.  I recommend this web service, Eliademy to the teachers who are looking for a simple teaching and learning platform similar to Mooc interface. About 오정훈*The University of ... Read More »

Mooc & High School Students

[View the story “MOOC & 고등학생” on Storify] About 오정훈*The University of Georgia (교육공학과 박사과정) *부산스마트교육체험관 (전) *토평고/해동고/학장중/모동중 교사(전) *영어교사 Read More »

A collection of Mooc

[View the story “MOOC Sites” on Storify] About 오정훈*The University of Georgia (교육공학과 박사과정) *부산스마트교육체험관 (전) *토평고/해동고/학장중/모동중 교사(전) *영어교사 Read More »

Mooc for Teachers – Teacher Training Courses around the World

Governments and Organizations are beginning to move to offer teachers training courses around the world to help them prepare for new waves of teaching environment where web2.0 information technologies are actively being used. Here are those sites. 1. edukata2. europeanschoolnetacademy3. eduteka4. jorum5. creative classroom lab6. living schools net 7. cpd Lab 8. itec9. eduvista.eun.org10. future classroom lab About 오정훈*The University of Georgia ... Read More »

Curiosity – an excellent search engine and database for pursuing to learn

Here’s a delightful news. You run into a situation where you should find the educational video materials or courses you need. Here’s an answer. Curiosity. You just need one key word to find a wide variety of video clips which is all about educational field. In addition, the search result shows Mooc courses or paid courses you might be interested ... Read More »


Mooc, the Giant is coming. The attack is upon us. Will we build 50m high walls? or Will we become another giant? The choice is up to us. Dr Li Yuan – MOOCs: Game changer or fringe benefit? from sconul About 오정훈*The University of Georgia (교육공학과 박사과정) *부산스마트교육체험관 (전) *토평고/해동고/학장중/모동중 교사(전) *영어교사 Read More »

Data Driven Journalism Course – Another Mooc

This course looks attractive because using big data is growing important these days. Therefore, it is crucial to make use of it for your own purpose. This site offers free online courses on Data Driven Journalism. About 오정훈*The University of Georgia (교육공학과 박사과정) *부산스마트교육체험관 (전) *토평고/해동고/학장중/모동중 교사(전) *영어교사 Read More »